Saturday, 25 August 2012

Which did it best? # 1

So I really want to keep things interesting on this blog, and my first regular feature will be 'Which did it best?' Every now and then I will review and compare two similar beauty products, giving my thoughts on which did it best!

At the moment, I've graduated but have yet to find a job, this sadly means I'm left with no money to spend on all my clothes and products! :( So for the time being I will be comparing products I already have, so be warned they may be old and possibly not available anymore. Fingers crossed I find a job soon in this scummy town I live in! SCRATCH THAT- now I'm employed and the money starts coming in I will have a lot of fashion related posts hopefully :) 

I don't know about you, but I'm always struggling to keep my hair in decent condition, I have naturally thin, fine hair, which is very delicate and breaks extremely easily. Consequently I'm always on the lookout for conditioning treatments, serums, and oils, which promise to keep my hair healthy and shiny. My first review and comparison is on leave in conditioners; I've tried many in the past, and you can guarantee that every time I wash my hair, I will slap on some leave in conditioner after for a much needed moisture boost!

The first product is Herbal Essences 'beautiful ends split end protection cream'. What I like about this product is that it uses a pump, ensuring you get the right amount of product without any mess or wastage. It smells like standard Herbal Essences, which I happen to love! This product does give added moisture, but I feel like it tends to coat the outsides of my hair, and not necessarily give my hair a deep condition. I think I paid around £3-4 on this, to be honest I normally only tend to buy products like this on some sort of offer! I've had this a fair amount of time and I'm trying to use it up, which suggests it's not a product on my favorites list! (Boy I feel like I've used the word product a million times, ouch! Must find replacement word!)

The next leave in conditioner is the 'Miracle Worker Leave-In Conditioner' by a brand called Naked Bodycare. Honestly I have almost nothing negative to say about this product! The only downside is that it can feel quite sticky in my hands and on my hair when I first apply it, but after a little time rubbing it in it works a treat. It smells kind of strange, but this is down to the fact that many of the ingredients are natural, including argon oil and shea butter. A major positive to this product is that it is silicone free, so I know that when my hair is nice and clean, I'm not just loading it up with a load of nasty chemicals straight away. I feel this product sinks nicely into my hair, leaving it more manageable and shiny- which takes a lot with my hair!

Overall I would definitely recommend the leave in conditioner by Naked Bodycare; I believe I got this on offer, working out at about £3 which is pretty good value for money if you ask me. I think Naked hair products are only available in Boots or online, if anyone wanted to check them out.

If anyone has any tips on what they use as a leave in conditioner, or can recommend any products, feel free to comment and let me know. I'm always on a healthy hair mission :)

Thanks for reading if you got to the end of this, Hannah xx

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

good news.

So I got a job!! Which is why I haven't posted as soon as I'd planned :( I just need to take some photos in the daylight tomorrow, then my new haircare post will be up :) 

Thanks for being patient, the last few days have been crazy busy! 

Hannah xx 

Saturday, 18 August 2012

back in time.

I thought I would share with you a few photos from my day out today. I went to visit relatives with my family, and it was also my parent's 28th wedding anniversary, so was a pretty special day I guess! 

After far too much of an early start, we headed out to the Severn Valley Railway. This is basically a cutesy type old fashioned railway from as early as the 1800's that has been lovingly restored to its former glory. Old fashioned steam trains run along the line, which spans across 5 different stations I believe. The thing I loved most about this trip was the dedication of the volunteers; there are actually over 13,000 very kind people that spare their time every week to help run this railway. The stations and grounds are beautifully kept, which helps as they have been used as film locations many a time. Everyone was so friendly, and you could tell they really cared about keeping this important part of English history alive. 

It really did feel like I had stepped back in time, here are a few photos of the day :) 

(Excuse my shoddy photographer skills!) 

Tomorrow I will be back with a post that's actually beauty related! :) 

Hannah xx

Friday, 17 August 2012


Just a little introductory post! I will admit; I've tried and failed many a time to keep a blog. I guess I was always a little distracted- the disorganised trying to be organised! At this point in time I'm doing this because I want to, I feel there's a blog sized gap in my life, which I want to fill. Sometimes I've felt like I had a lack of voice, blogging can be so empowering because I can put out there whatever I want, and find that voice I felt I'd lost. Which just so happens to be this! Perhaps the blogisphere is becoming over saturated with all these  'beauty and lifestyle' blogs, but I don't care, I'm here :)

In case anyone is nosy (like me!), I'm 21, I live in the midlands, and I've recently graduated from university. This blog will be about beauty, fashion, and everyday general life I wish to share.

Thanks to anyone who may have stumbled across and is reading this, I will be back with another post very soon :)

Hannah xx